Marketers and website owners interact with SEO more often. The reason for this is because it is essential for online marketing.

While it may sound simple, it is quite a sophisticated tactic that will consume time and money. But it is highly rewarding when done well.

SEO is a strategy. You don’t do it once. It should be continuous for you to realise results.

The primary SEO strategy benefits include:

It targets high-quality traffic.

Search engines will find you the right audience. And it would help if you took advantage of that to convert visitors to buyers.

The top 3 results on any search engines receive the most clicks. That means such websites have higher traffic than those ranking lower.

So you must target ranking high on various online search engines. With the right search engine optimisation strategy, you can target the right keywords, apart from creating informative content.

Still, making use of Meta description (they show up in result pages), and optimised tags can also promote traffic to your site.

SEO receives more clicks than PPC

About 71% of searches result in a click on a result on search engines on the first page despite PPC ads appearing above organic rankings. The logical conclusion here is that users trust algorithms used by search engines.

Here is the thing, users know advertising spots. Instead, they choose to visit pages which search engines determine their relevance.

If you search, the majority of clicks go to organic results.


Search engine optimisation targets active buyers searching for products and services on an online platform. Since you can use the inbound strategy, then you can save a lot compared to outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing focuses on the customer. Essentially, it leads to the creation of helpful resources and making them accessible to the customer.

Look, outbound strategies like cold calling come at a cost, which is estimated to be 61% more than an inbound strategy such as SEO. Undoubtedly, this is a cost-saving strategy.

Easy to outcompete others

Many people use SEO strategies because they know it can put them ahead of the competition. Thus, any marketing strategy depends on search engine optimisation a great deal.

For most marketers, it is a matter of increasing the online presence and improving on SEO strategy.

There are rules put in place to rank high on search engines. Every marketer uses them. But you can create your own strategy to beat the competition.

For instance, you can use relevant tools to analyse keywords that your competitors are using. And you can use that to stay ahead of them all the time.

SEO offers trackable and quantifiable results. Therefore, you can track all aspects of a strategy. Rankings, conversion and traffic are aspects you can track.

Still, you can get comprehensive analytics such as individuals who have interacted with your website. With these and other tools at hand, you can stay relevant.

Increases site usability

You can use SEO to make your site easy to navigate for both users and search engines. It involves rearranging the architecture as well as links so that the sites can be easy to find. Search engines can easily crawl to your website and find pages. Similarly, users can easily find the right information.

SEO helps PR

Using SEO and PR together, you can improve results. Excellent link building can help you connect the two.

PR revolves around getting stellar publication and influencers, to promote your company. So links from reputable sites can help you a lot.

The advantages listed above should be enough to convince you to seek companies that offer SEO services.