About My Virtual Workforce

My virtual workforce is the platform where virtual employees are hired for suitable jobs. The website offers solution for job seekers online and create an innovative solution for them. The employees are hired through a transparent process and experts are used by us for screening.

Fast and Convenient

In this dynamic and digital world, it is important to keep pace with the fast-moving technologies. The digital world is demanding modern solutions to their clients; therefore, every workplace demands less costly and efficient methods of operations.

Reasonable Cost

To reduce costs, nowadays employers are outsourcing the employee hiring and recruiting. The demand for virtual workforce is increasing due to, it helps the employers to reduce the cost and save the space and time simultaneously.

Paperless Approach

The paperless and non-materialistic approach helps companies to save their budgets. We help our customers to get their work done in proper segments, and without any paper work, and time taking process.

Services We Provide

Our team is of diverse workforce, which helps better to understand the candidate and therefore helps us screening the right employee. The diverse workforce also helps us to produce innovative and creative methods for our processes. The good network and website trafficking are sorted out by our IT department. IT department helps us with our web management and web designing and other basic tools for efficient process.
The employee hiring procedure is clear and transparent. The employees hired and provided with best suitable packages, no one gets disappointment and their feedback is always positive.
Aaron Fox
Time Magazine
The positive attitude is very helpful for us to maintain the positive attitude and efficient work collaboration in the workplace. The online platform provides ease and convenience for employees to work from anywhere and anytime. The younger workforce and upcoming generation of employees are very energetic and looking for these types of jobs, which supports creativity and innovation. The digital workspace is best place to work within.
James Anderson


Why opt to hire tax accountants from the Gold Coast

One of the smartest investments for people on the Gold Coast when they own a business or a property or have kids is engaging tax accountants, Gold Coast. While hiring tax accountants, Gold Coast involves a lot of reasons, with frequently changing tax codes being the main reason to do so.

The professionalism of tax accountants, Gold Coast helps you plan for this year’s taxes as well as next year’s. Their resources and knowledge make tax accountants Gold Coast that cannot be offered by other professionals outside of their field.

Why hire tax accountants from the Gold Coast?

Opting to do your taxes can be done. However, it can be a costly hassle when you get penalised or fined for mistakes. Engaging a tax accountant provides multiple benefits, including:

The ever-changing tax laws

The different tax rules of local, state, and federal make tax law a challenging task for a layman. The periodic amendments and updates of tax laws make them confusing and hard to navigate.

Tax accountants, on the other hand, keep track of any changes happening with tax laws. They are the experts who can make the right recommendations suitable for your situation.

Major impacts are often felt by individuals and small businesses whenever changes in tax codes happen. Tax changes are taken in stride by tax accountants, helping you navigate through them to stay compliant.


Time and accuracy are the things saved when you opt to hire a tax accountant. Doing your taxes can cut a huge chunk of your time and accuracy is often the root of the problem.

Being focused all year round on tax-savings opportunities and tax laws makes a tax accountant the best professional in terms of saving time.

Gathering the year’s financial data is one way to save a bit on the accountant’s fee. This includes business expenses, all your income sources, and contributions. Putting them all together before tax time reduces accountant fees. It is because the less time spent by an accountant in consolidating all your financial data, the less he/she will charge for it.

Some of the things you can consult with an accountant to reduce tax payments include:

  • Hybrid vehicle tax incentives
  • Gift taxes
  • Debt payments
  • And more

Having a financial advisor by your side is seen as the best time-saving option during tax-return time.

The math involved can be confusing

Math and more math are the things you get to see when it comes to taxes. Things such as tax deductions, money in the bank, etc, are the things involved with taxes. Unless you’re a math whiz, understanding all this can be frustrating.

A tax accountant is a professional who understands and even likes doing financial math. Their wide experience handling tax documents and enthusiasm for doing them make them the smartest investment.

Small business owner

The usual concerns of a small business owner are having a home office, new equipment, interconnection, and more. Many tax advantages are gained by small business owners when they opt to consult a tax accountant.

Tax write-offs are a complex world that needs expert navigation. Saving more on tax write-offs makes the hiring of an accountant worth the expense.

Multiple sources of income

Employed but also owning a side business could make your income taxes a complex one to navigate. Having more than one income could make you eligible for some tax savings. You may not be aware of this but a tax accountant certainly does.

Contact Walsh Tax Accountants on the Gold Coast for assistance.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

Generally, Brisbane lawyers are professionals who specialise in the legal fields. They are professionals who provide advice on matters related to law and justice, as well as representation in court cases. They also perform other professional services, including representing clients in a wide range of business matters. They may also work in law firms or for government agencies.

Legal professions in common law countries

Typically, lawyers in common law countries are divided into private practitioners and prosecutors. A prosecutor is a lawyer who represents the state. These professions are prohibited from interchangeability.

Lawyers who practice in common law countries are also divided into solicitors and barristers. Lawyers usually have a law degree and an apprenticeship. They are also required to join a professional organization.

Lawyers usually represent clients in court. In some countries, a judge is the sole mediator in the dispute. In other countries, a jury decides the facts of the case.

In a common law country, a judge may be selected from a pool of practising lawyers. He or she is responsible for interpreting the legislature’s laws. The decision of a judge is usually binding and may be appealed.

In common law countries, courts are usually referred to as courts of law, and case law plays a major role in deciding common law cases. These decisions are often used as precedents in future cases.

Specialties of lawyers

Generally, there are three major types of specialties of lawyers: civil, criminal and patent. There are many lawyers in each specialty. Generally, the day-to-day activities of lawyers will vary depending on the specialty. The legal industry is one of the largest in the world.

The best lawyers are known for their expertise in specific areas of law. Some of the best lawyers in the world specialize in criminal law, patent law, labour disputes and real estate law. They are renowned for their expertise and for defending the most difficult cases.

The legal field is vast and complex. It is no surprise that lawyers enjoy different levels of status and perks. The legal profession regulates training of lawyers, and has a robust set of rules and regulations. The most important one is the rules of evidence. It is also interesting to note that lawyers have different roles in politics and the economy. They are responsible for protecting their clients’ privileges against other outsiders.

Career structure of lawyers

Depending on the country and the type of law practice, the career structure of lawyers can vary greatly. Lawyers must consider their strengths and weaknesses before choosing a legal career. They also have to consider their personal goals and coursework interests.

In the United States, lawyers typically begin their career as associates. They usually work for six to nine years before making partner. In a large firm, associates are divided into junior and senior associates. When an associate makes partner, he or she has partial ownership of the law firm.

Some lawyers work as corporate in-house counsel or as government counsel. They may also become law professors or arbitrators.

Most lawyers have a written fee agreement before taking a case. The fee is typically a flat fee, except in cases of personal injury, where a lump sum payment is usually made. In some cases, lawyers work for a contingency fee, paying a percentage of the money they collect.

Do your best to find the top lawyers Brisbane has to offer to represent you.

Five Major Benefits of Venturing into Mobile Phone Repair Business

Currently, there is at least one smartphone in every household across the world. Mobile phone is the main means of communication for people who happened to be in different locations. Therefore, it is the most reliable digital gadget in the world.

But being a digital device, it may fall into both physical or technical problems that may need the help of an expert. This creates a need to have professional mobile phone repairers across the world. In Sydney for example, there is an unending need for mobile phone repair experts from thousands of people every day.

In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of venturing into the mobile phone repair business.

Why you need to start a mobile phone repair shop

  • Easy to master

Unlike other disciplines, mobile phone repair is an easy adventure that is very easy to master. You only need the right tools and the assistance of a repair expert to start off. However, you should not rush into solving complex problems that are beyond your knowledge.

  • Short training period

Once you have mastered the fundamentals concepts, you will be in a better position to do the practical aspect of the job. It will only take you between 2 to 3 months to complete a mobile phone repair course. In Sydney, there are several accredited institutions that offer mobile phone repair courses for various types of phones.

  • It only requires little investment

All things put constant, starting a mobile phone repair shop does not require heavy investment like in other business ventures; you only need a license and the appropriate tools to do the job. Once you have these two, you are ready to start off the business.  Luckily, you will be the one to determine the price based on your assessment of the problem.

  • Unending number of clients

Another benefit of venturing into a mobile phone repair job is you will never lack customers. So many phones run into problems every day and owners look for experts to fix them. You only need to make your business visible by advertising it on major social media platforms as well as an official website.

  • It has a high return on investment

You will appreciate the profit you will make by venturing into the mobile phone repair business. Do not be surprised if you get your money in less than a year once you start working. Unlike other businesses, you are not exposed to many hindrances or obstacles that can kill your business.

Tips on staying relevant in the mobile phone repair business

Getting into the mobile phone repair business is so easy, staying relevant in the business is another thing. Here are things to do to ensure that you stay relevant in mobile phone repair venture:

Keep up with up-to-date technology – as we all know, smartphones continuously evolve from day to day and what you may be knowing today may not be relevant tomorrow. Hence, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in different brands of phones to ensure that you meet your clients’ needs.

Focus on a single niche – since there are so many brands of mobile phones in the market, learning to repair all may need a lot of time and resources. Thus, it would help if you focus on one brand and master all the basics of repairing it. This will allow you to learn all the things you need to know about that particular brand.

Learn from the best in the industry! Study the methods PTC Sydney, one of the best mobile repair companies in Australia.

How to end up with the best tax accountant in Rockhampton

People believe that only the people who have large businesses require a tax accountant in Rockhampton. For this reason, those people who have small businesses do not bother having a tax accountant. However, a tax accountant is a very important person in any business despite the business’s size and how much you earn for the business.

All that matters is that your business has to deal with tax issues at a given time for the time that the business will be in operation. You may think that you can handle the tax issues of your business, but at times you will have other problems that need to be handled, which means that you will cause delay to your tax filing. Therefore no matter the amount of money that you would like to save, you will at one time require the help of a tax accountant.

Whenever you think that a tax accountant can be of help to your business, you must select a tax accountant that is right for your business. However, this is a tough thing for most people because they do not know the tax accountant that is right for them. Therefore, they end up hiring the wrong tax accountant. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you do the following things as you look for the right tax accountant. 

Know your business needs

This is the first thing that you have to do when you are looking for a tax accountant in Rockhampton. This is because your business is the one that requires the tax accountant, and hence you should be able to look for the tax accountant that will enable you to meet the needs of your business. When you know your needs, you will be able to select the right tax accountant since you know what to look for in the tax accountant and what kind of help you are looking for in the tax accountant.

Check for a qualified and experienced tax accountant

The qualification level of the tax accountant is a crucial thing that you should never ignore. However, very few people will remember to ask the tax accountant about their level of qualifications. The few who remember to do this will fail to ask about the level of experience of the tax accountant that they will be hiring.

You need to know that you can get a qualified tax accountant that is not experienced, which will affect the type of services that the tax accountant offers you. Therefore, ensure that you find out about the tax accountant’s level of experience before you hire them. If you want to have an easier time with the tax accountant, you have to ensure that you go for the most qualified and experienced tax accountant. They know almost everything that they should know about tax matters.

Consider the areas of specialisation

Tax accountants will have different areas of specialization depending on the areas that they are well conversant with. Therefore, you should expect to find different types of tax accountants when you are looking for the tax accountant that is right for you. You have to ensure that you select the tax accountant whose area of specialization matches your needs.

Determine the costs of services

Also, ensure that you find out the costs that you will incur when you hire the tax Kennas Accountants Rockhampton. This is to ensure that you have the tax accountant that you will afford to pay.

Financial planning Hervey Bay- importance of hiring a financial advisor

Making decisions about your finances is not the easiest task. There are both short term as well as long term objectives which should be taken into account. Making the right kind of decisions would result in financial stability and increased wealth over a period of time.

Getting help for financial planning in Hervey Bay is a smart decision. The right financial advisor would help strengthen your assets and allow you financial stability in the long run.

Why go for financial planning in Hervey Bay?

  • When you hire a financial advisor they would take a detailed look at your statements and provide you with valuable feedback regarding anything positive or negative which might be of benefit to you. They have the right kind of strategies and ideas which would help you achieve your financial goals. They know all the right places where you need to make investments. Since financial advisors have a reach towards the right legal investment places, they would prevent you from taking risky decisions. Even if you are planning to invest in stocks getting advice from a professional would help you make a successful venture.
  • Just The way a you hire a lawyer to handle legal issues or a doctor to look after your medical needs you need to hire a financial advisor to look after your finances. It doesn’t matter that you are looking for help for your own personal finances. The specialized knowledge possessed by experts can be of benefit in the long run.
  • Understanding the financial issues is not an easy task. Even if you are a successful business person you may still find it difficult to make decisions regarding your finances and investments. Even having certain knowledge on where and when to invest can make or break a deal. This is exactly where a financial advisor can step in and help you. Trying to do everything on your own can be quite overwhelming. So be smart and rely on a professional financial advisor.
  • Your financial advisor can co-ordinate with your lawyer your tax officers or any other professionals who work for you. This would help lessen the burden and allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business. In fact you would be able to create a team of professionals whose sole purpose would be to protect your finances and interest.
  • Even though you have to pay your financial advisor it is not an added expense. In fact you must consider it as a long term investment. The right financial advisor would charge you are reasonable fees and would focus on helping you achieve your financial goals. A financial advisor would help you save money or even make more money over a period of time. You would be able to make more than what you are paying them and it is actually worth the expense that you incur.

It is important that you stay on top of your finances and therefore hire the right people to consider the accounts and bookkeeping services for your business or personal needs. Talk to a financial planner in Hervey Bay to help you make sound financial decisions

The challenges that are faced by most lawyers on the Gold Coast

When you talk to most of the young people in the Gold Coast, they will tell you that they want to become lawyers. This is because they think that one of the most paying jobs is becoming a lawyer. This is a fact that they have come up with because so many lawyers live very precious lives. Being a lawyer indeed is one of the most enjoyable things that you could have in life, but at the same time, they’re re so many challenges that you are likely to face when you are a lawyer especially on the Gold Coast.

This means that for you to become the lawyer that you want to be, you have to find out whether you will be able to face all these challenges that you will be exposed to or whether they will make you give up on the way. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that most of the lawyers in the Gold Coast are facing today.

Long working hours

 One of the challenges that you should expect when you are a lawyer is working for so long hours. This is because you have to ensure that you do some research on the cases that you will be working on, talk to your clients and also go to court for so long hours. Therefore, if you love participating in family events, social events and any other commitments, when you are a lawyer, you have to ensure that you forget all these. This is because you will need to get so much time as you can to work on the projects that you will be having.

Pressure and stress from clients

 Your clients will always want you to be there when they need your help. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are working according to your schedule. To most lawyers, they have to attend to more than one client at a time since they need the money. They have to ensure that they attend to all these clients equally. However, there are those clients that will never understand that you have other clients to attend to. All they want is to have you at their disposal at all times. This leads the lawyers to work under pressure and also stress at all times.  Even if your lawyers are working under pressure and stress, they have to ensure that they make no mistakes when handling their clients. Also, if they make a single mistake, they can cost their customers, and hence they will have so much stress when they are working.

Competition in the market

Today, there are so many lawyers in the market. Therefore, when you need lawyers in the Gold Coast,

it will not take you a long time to find one. This has resulted in so much completion among the lawyers that are there. They want to ensure that they offer services to new clients every day; this is why every lawyer will want to use new techniques and win so many cases.   This has also made so many lawyers to lock customers since people are looking for lawyers who are experienced and who will guarantee them a win.

Clients are not ready to spend money on lawyers

The clients who are there on the Gold Coast are also a great challenge to the lawyers Gold Coast. These clients are not ready to spend as much money hiring the lawyers. Therefore, even the most qualified and experienced lawyers are forced to charge less for the services that they are offering. 

Understanding Blogs Today

Blogging today resembles a newsfeed timeline where the owners frequently post updated content for their audiences. They are almost like online journals only that the public comes to source for the most recent data or tips regarding a particular topic. Primarily, blogs are erected with the hope of increasing your traffic, and most people would agree it does magic given enough time. It is a technique that greatly favours search engine optimisation, considering they go hand in hand. For those who do not understand the intricate co-dependence between the two, the discussion below may be of great assistance to you.

How Blogs influence Search Engine Optimisation

Does blogging help SEO? Here are a few things to prove that blogging is a big help in SEO.

Easy crawling by Search Engine Spiders

Search Engine spiders crawl from site to site, determining the relevance of websites and blogs online. Blogs improve the crawling speed since their URLs are never as complicated as those belonging to a website. It, therefore, makes your logs easy to find whenever queries relating to your content are made.

Recurrent traffic hunting for new content

Blogs, as indicated above, emulate newsfeeds where fresh content is posted every time. Since your audience will always be on the lookout for new information or content, your traffic is bound to grow from time to time. People will always visit your site increasingly, making it easy for you to convert them into your regular clients.

A platform for active communication with your audience

Just like social media, blogs improve chances of communication between you and your target audience regardless of wherever you may be in the globe. By reading your content, search engine users can leave comments, suggestions, or just make inquiries regarding your brand or services. You can hence respond to them using the same platform and iron out any issues that may have been in discussion.

Why You Should Hire an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimisation is a broad topic that, with less knowledge, might be advantageous to the website owner. Doing it on your own might be cost-effective, but remember any slight mishaps may culminate in losses. Alternatively, you can hire Search Engine Optimisation experts to help you get the small details together for just a few dollars. Here are some merits as to why working with professionals can be advantageous to your online business.


Fumbling might result in stupid mistakes that may cost a lot to correct, not mentioning losing clients online. Hire an expert today to help you get the different optimisation techniques right. Years of experience help provide premeditated solutions to problems helping you stay on top of your game.

Improve your rankings and ratings on SERPs

By doing SEO the right way, your search engine will reward you with better rankings and ratings. Optimisation helps you make your site relevant to the search engine user, exactly what search engines look for before ranking and rating websites on SERPs.

Benefit from side packages

There are a number of benefits you enjoy working with professionals. Software upgrades may be done for free, helping you save some money on your budget. These experts can also do system audits for your website, correcting any arising issues or damages that may have occurred. You can also benefit from the relevant advice that experts give whenever you have an inquiry or an issue with your website or SEO campaign.

Understanding the Benefits of SEO

Marketers and website owners interact with SEO more often. The reason for this is because it is essential for online marketing.

While it may sound simple, it is quite a sophisticated tactic that will consume time and money. But it is highly rewarding when done well.

SEO is a strategy. You don’t do it once. It should be continuous for you to realise results.

The primary SEO strategy benefits include:

It targets high-quality traffic.

Search engines will find you the right audience. And it would help if you took advantage of that to convert visitors to buyers.

The top 3 results on any search engines receive the most clicks. That means such websites have higher traffic than those ranking lower.

So you must target ranking high on various online search engines. With the right search engine optimisation strategy, you can target the right keywords, apart from creating informative content.

Still, making use of Meta description (they show up in result pages), and optimised tags can also promote traffic to your site.

SEO receives more clicks than PPC

About 71% of searches result in a click on a result on search engines on the first page despite PPC ads appearing above organic rankings. The logical conclusion here is that users trust algorithms used by search engines.

Here is the thing, users know advertising spots. Instead, they choose to visit pages which search engines determine their relevance.

If you search, the majority of clicks go to organic results.


Search engine optimisation targets active buyers searching for products and services on an online platform. Since you can use the inbound strategy, then you can save a lot compared to outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing focuses on the customer. Essentially, it leads to the creation of helpful resources and making them accessible to the customer.

Look, outbound strategies like cold calling come at a cost, which is estimated to be 61% more than an inbound strategy such as SEO. Undoubtedly, this is a cost-saving strategy.

Easy to outcompete others

Many people use SEO strategies because they know it can put them ahead of the competition. Thus, any marketing strategy depends on search engine optimisation a great deal.

For most marketers, it is a matter of increasing the online presence and improving on SEO strategy.

There are rules put in place to rank high on search engines. Every marketer uses them. But you can create your own strategy to beat the competition.

For instance, you can use relevant tools to analyse keywords that your competitors are using. And you can use that to stay ahead of them all the time.

SEO offers trackable and quantifiable results. Therefore, you can track all aspects of a strategy. Rankings, conversion and traffic are aspects you can track.

Still, you can get comprehensive analytics such as individuals who have interacted with your website. With these and other tools at hand, you can stay relevant.

Increases site usability

You can use SEO to make your site easy to navigate for both users and search engines. It involves rearranging the architecture as well as links so that the sites can be easy to find. Search engines can easily crawl to your website and find pages. Similarly, users can easily find the right information.

SEO helps PR

Using SEO and PR together, you can improve results. Excellent link building can help you connect the two.

PR revolves around getting stellar publication and influencers, to promote your company. So links from reputable sites can help you a lot.

The advantages listed above should be enough to convince you to seek companies that offer SEO services.

Benefits of Hiring Employment Solicitors

At one point in an employer’s or employee’s life comes a time when he/she would need to hire the services of employment solicitors. This is because many employment matters and issues are simply too tough to handle without expert legal help from employment solicitors.

The rapid changes implemented by local and national government agencies in employment courts and laws make hiring employment solicitors a sensible solution.

The reasons to make it important to occasionally hire the services of employment solicitors include:

Wade through the legalese

The legal terms and jargon used could often sound like Greek for those not in the know. Wading through the legalese almost seems an impossible task for a layman. Hiring the services of an employment solicitor is the best way to understand the law in simple language. This understanding, in turn, also paves the way for an employer to arrive at an effective action if ever there’s a possibility of a case filed by an employee.


The huge number of discovery documents can be daunting to a businessman with no legal background at all. Should a case be filed against the employer, hiring the trained eye of a legal expert is the best way to determine the relevant documents to help the case. Tracking down the various witnesses is also something that only an attorney is capable of handling. Issuing subpoenas is the usual legal tactic used by legal experts to compel people to answer questions that can help the case.

Filing motions

An employee has the right to deny the allegations or accusations filed against him/her with the help from an employment solicitor. The quick response in the form of filing motions denying the untruthfulness of the allegations can tremendously help in protecting an employee’s reputation.

Wrongful termination, misconduct, or discrimination in the workplace are often the reasons employees face. An employee facing criminal charges from an employer needs to swiftly provide an answer to the unfair allegations. In times like this, a reputable and experienced employment lawyer is the best professional to have in your corner.

Solid legal service

Any employment issues encountered in the workplace can be legally helped by an experienced employment solicitor. The various nuances of employment law are familiar ground for them. The wide experience of handling similar cases in the past makes employment attorneys efficiently navigate through all the complex areas of employment laws. Their past dealings with cases just like yours help them to quickly evaluate the proper legal methods to use.

Save time and money

The case filed against you can be meritless. However, only a legal expert can determine if the issues you’re facing has no merit at all. Hiring the services of a reputable employment attorney can save you cost and time when the accusation or complaint against you lacks merit.

Filing a summary judgement is the most effective move your attorney can do to save cost and time with meritless accusations. Going through this legal route paves the way for an amicable settlement between the two parties or whatever legal action recommended by a judge.

Your future can be affected by hasty judgements. The best way to protect your reputation and integrity when wrongfully accused is to have a good and experienced attorney in your corner. Look for experienced employment solicitors to navigate the complex maze of employment laws and regulations.

Tips For Accountants To Enhance Their Soft Skills

When interviewing for a job, you often get nervous about your hard skills, the skills that you think are considered mainly for a certain position in a job. You are not wrong. But there is more to a resume that is seen than what appears to be, meaning that the soft skills that you put in there at random are much more important than you think. Getting a certain position at a workplace, tens of people will come looking for the same position with the same hard skills. What will distinguish you from the others? A good set of soft skills that will mark you unique and help you appear useful in other tasks related to your original appointed position. Because let us be real, the market loves an individual with a multitasking perspective.

Engage effectively

An important thing for any part of a job is to communicate effectively, in a professional but polite tone such that the person in front of you is comfortable enough to talk to you. For your communication skills to be engaging and interactive enough, go out and do community meetups so that you can interact with new people and have a go at enhancing your interactive skills. Having an accountant that can engage in a good talk while describing your needs and goals in an eloquent tone is all a business requires.

Be polite

Kindness has never proved to be out of date. You might be encountered with an informal meeting and a small enforcement of polite tone or act of kindness can do wonders to the stressed faces of the workplace than you might think of. Balancing the act of professionalism and politeness will only favour you up as an accountant in the society as these are key factors that only a few consider enhancing. Hence, it is important that you can stand out as a polite, respectful accountant.


Listening is an important part of the ordeal when it comes to such businesses where you are required to fulfill the needs of a customer. In order to fully provide consistent and quality services, you are required to comprehend the needs and wishes of the clients. If you are not listening intently, you are not providing quality services as an accountant. Listening can go a long way as you might be able to understand the customer a little better and offer them great services instead of just adequate services.


Patience is an important soft skill that comes handy with the skills of accountants perth WA because it takes patience to understand the needs of the client. You cannot just jump to the conclusion without engaging in a few relevant steps to success.

How I built a seven-digit company without employees: the basics

So many things are said about those few people who have the ability to create large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees who can’t wait to be at work.

However, there is a tremendous loss in flexibility, almost automatic, once you pass a certain threshold, a certain size.

Personally, not only do I not find myself among those few people mentioned above, but I don’t even want to join it.

The good news is that my lack of interest in these occupations has not been an obstacle in allowing me to build a seven-digit company, in a fairly short time and with only one co-founder and no employee.

My business can also be managed from anywhere in the world, just a simple internet connection .

And, to be precise, I am writing this article from a coffee shop in Syddey, Australia: although I will most likely continue to travel around Europe and the world, sales will continue to grow and business will lose nothing.

I’m not bragging, it’s clear, I’m just saying what the facts are, facts that you can put into practice, that’s how:

  1. Start with simple things
    Too often, smart people have great ideas that immediately overwhelm them, with the consequence that when they enter the market, there will be no way to test or understand which parts of the product work and which don’t.

Many things are said about the concept of Hanry Ford which initially intended to offer only one type and one color of a certain product in order to understand and calibrate the customer’s response, to then improve the product and sell it.

In this first phase of “starting with simple things” you will have to remove all the complications that arise when you sell your product or when you leave it in the hands of an intermediary.

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What I want to say is that you should avoid, at least initially, to over-complicate your sales with large distributions or retail sales, so that you can focus on designing a specific product cut for your customer.

This will ensure you control the brand and voice and will allow you to have direct communication with your customers, who will leave you important feedback and keep the entire margin on your sales.

So you can invest again and grow faster without taking responsibility for asking for funds or loans elsewhere.

Automation starts with your sales channels or your e-commerce thanks to solutions, such as Shopify , which create a sort of system out of the box and that will connect you to practically everything.

Automation will have to continue through your marketing and will support features with products like Facebook Ads, which not only work very well, but require minimal controls.

Finally, Desk or Zendesk will automate your inbound support requests: they are fantastic because you can write macros or keep the answers to almost all the questions.

In this way, as a request will arrive, you will just need to click on a button to answer and solve the problem, on the contrary you can also set the macros to “auto-reply” after managing the language or the keywords for some questions.


In fact, the methods of finding work began to change in the mid-1990s with the large-scale appearance of the Internet. In recent years, the wildfire spread of search engines and the enormous growth of social media has changed the way people are recruited, giving them characteristics that are obvious to anyone looking for work. Not understanding these technological changes means having more difficulties in finding a job, which in some cases can become really daunting.


Recently, practically all employers have converted to technology to better manage the number of steadily growing recruitment applications and the countless resumes they receive. On average it has been calculated that for each job posting, about two hundred and fifty replies arrive. This immense amount of curriculum, combined with the greater diffusion of the use of social media and search engines, has created real technological traps that job seekers must understand in order to avoid them.


Social media offer a “social proof”
Employers compare the CVs and job applications sent by candidates with what social media shows. Do the dates, employers, jobs, job titles, training and so on match what has been written on the curriculum and the application form? Do other social media activities, such as LinkedIn groups, support the experience and achievements stated on the curriculum? Candidates who lack an online validation of the “facts” contained in their curriculum start with a handicap. This is why the profiles of LinkedIn and Google Plus can be the best friends of a job seeker.

Search engines provide a quick and inexpensive verification of the facts

A 2010 study, conducted by Microsoft, revealed that eighty percent of employers use search engines to find out information about people applying for employment with their company. Apart from the “social proof” we talked about earlier, this research is a quick and quick way to check the candidates’ background. A social media search can help job seekers make a good impression on the employer by providing positive information on the activities and goals achieved. Or it can damage it by discovering potential problems and bad behavior.

The IT tracking systems manage the curricula
The curricula sent to employers, especially if it is a large organization, are often kept in a special database which is also a tracking system for applicants. The name of these systems in English is applicant tracking system(ATS stands for it).

Their use has made the keywords contained in your resume infinitely more relevant than in the past. In fact, a curriculum that does not contain the “correct” keywords (what the recruiter is using to search for qualified candidates through the ATS system) will not even appear on the list of curricula to be considered for the job. As a result, if your resume does not contain appropriate keywords, it will not be visible and no matter how qualified you are for that job.


Job seekers can expand their chances of actually finding it, by improving their use of technology. In fact, employers expect job-hunting people to use current technologies intelligently , as a demonstration of technical knowledge and technological skills necessary for a modern workplace. Not mastering these technologies makes a job seeker look backward or lazy or, worse, both at the same time. Here’s how to take advantage of the technology to your advantage.

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